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History and Mission

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History and Mission


Our Mission

To provide access to health care and basic human services to Goochland County residents who are in need of assistance.

Our Vision

For all Goochland residents to thrive physically, emotionally, and socially.

Health – Individuals have access to quality health care and dental services.

Hunger – Families have access to healthy food.

Housing – Safe and stable housing keeps families independent in their community.

Safety – Families live in a home free from violence.


1952 – Goochland Fellowship and Family Services is founded by a small group of women committed to providing assistance to individuals and families not eligible for state or federal help. A house and property on River Road West is donated to the Fellowship in order to provide services to community members most in need.

1998 – Free Clinic of Goochland is founded by a group of parishioners from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in response to the health care crisis that exists for many individuals who cannot obtain health insurance.

2007 – Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services incorporates when the Fellowship and Free Clinic merge in order to better serve the citizens of Goochland County in the most cost efficient way possible.